Sulmona sugared almonds

Large copper boilers hanging from the ceiling, braziers lit to heat them from below, master craftsmen stirring their contents. This is how Sulmona sugared almonds were traditionally prepared. At FICO, guests can rediscover the art of the confectioners through the craftsmen from William Di Carlo, who have been skilfully preparing Sulmona sugared almonds and Sulmona sugared almond flower compositions by hand for six generations.
It’s a production process whose excellence is also based on the selection of the right ingredients: from Avola almonds, to PDO Roman hazelnuts, and several other top-quality ingredients. Sulmona sugared almonds are entirely gluten-free, and are therefore even suitable for people with celiac disease.

THE SPECIALTY PRODUCT: Sulmona sugared almonds
AT FICO, GUESTS CAN DISCOVER: The production of traditional or coated sugared almonds and the creation of sugared almond floral compositions