Peschereccio Italia

The Peschereccio Italia concept, which does not include table service, offers first choice and reinvented products such as marine sandwiches and marine dishes, in addition to the new way of making aperitif thanks to the "marine passages" and cold cuts of the sea (mortadella, porchetta, soppressata, salsiccia... di mare), inserted inside a cutting board for the aperitif time.
The menu is divided into:
- Piatti Marini
- Passaggi Marini
- Marine salads
- Classic and Marine Side Dishes
- Sweets


Peschereccio Italia wants to bring the genuineness of the sea and fish, caught and killed to preserve it to the best, inside the premises where it is then prepared on the spot and served to the customer.
With the standardization of a franchise chain and the spirit of a bistro, Peschereccio Italia wants to propose a product, which to date has always been identified as "expensive" and little accessible, in a mode suitable for all budgets.
Today Peschereccio Italia with its menus and marine dishes, all within a place very nice and characteristic of a boat, can offer a restaurant lunch at a very low cost and suitable for everyone: from students to managers, from young people to the elderly, from couples to families... Peschereccio Italia is part of the Holding in-GROUP Retail, company specialized for over 10 years in the design, construction and development of high-performance franchise networks.