FICO All Inclusive

Admission + Menu €30 

Program your day in FICO and choose your menu among the proposals of MEATPASTA, PIZZA or FISH.

You can enjoy these dishes at the common tables, available inside the Park, or even sitting in the outdoor green areas of FICO, to enjoy the summer!

 It is a way to enjoy FICO with your family or friends, choosing each one what you most want to eat and from the restaurant you prefer to try.

The entrance to FICO with a 30 euros menu is valid every day of the year in season 2023 (excluding 31/12/2022) and includes:

  • Entrance to the Park and its attractions
  • Lunch or dinner menu chosen from those below
  • Guided tour
  • Multimedia rides
  • Weekend shuttle service from the centre of Bologna or free car parking.

NB: the purchase of this menu formula does not guarantee the availability of the table within the chosen restaurant, but provides for the possibility of using all the common tables in the Park. To book a table contact the restaurants at the telephone numbers indicated in the card.


Enjoy set menu