Favilla Arrosticini

Abruzzo lamb arrosticini prepared according to the traditional recipe: grilled over coals and served with homemade bread and extra virgin olive oil. And for those who crave more after tasting them, they can even be purchased frozen and enjoyed at home!
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What are the true standard-bearers of Abruzzo cuisine? Arrosticini: skewers of lamb cut into small cubes, which arose in Abruzzo during the early 1900s thanks to the shepherds moving their flocks to new grazing grounds during different seasons. Cooked on special grills called “fornacelle”, they already give off a distinctive aroma during the cooking process.
This typical regional dish is renowned for its juiciness and flavor throughout Italy and even abroad, and has been brought to FICO by Jubatti Carni, with its innovative street food inspired by tradition.